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Mashup: April 25, 2012

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Attracting customers to your business is the easy part, keeping them coming back is the hardest part of web marketing. Creating content to keep your customers engaged and interactive with your business is critical. A way to keep customers engaged is through the use of Mashups or web APIs that add informative or entertaining content, such as Green Thing Labs.

Green Thing Labs has many customer benefits for any environmentally conscious based company. This mashup used within a marketing campaign provides customers the benefit of blogging about green living and provide creative green ideas. Another benefit of Green Thing Labs is the video content available that can be shared among bloggers. It provides connectivity to Facebook to promote the increases sharing of environmentally friendly living, likes, products and concepts. Word of mouth often proves to be one of the best ways to attract new potential customers.



Green Thing Labs is the best choice to promote any business and its products that focus on environmentally friendly products, advice or services. The original API being used within this mashup is Green Thing. This product will provide your business with access to create user profiles, stories, actions and view content ratings.



Ferrate, A. (February 27, 2009). Green Thing Labs: An API to Do the Green Thing. Retrieved April 21, 2012, from

Green Thing Labs. Retrieved April 21, 2012, from


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